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Game Proposal

The game I am going to implement is a 3D style game that has a rocket car that launches through a hole in a wall in order to reach the other side to win the game.

The hole dynamically changes locations in order to provide a challenge for the user to overcome. The rocket car has text based integer inputs that direct the cars power and angular momentum to attempt to shoot through the hole. As the car is flying the space button on the keyboard will be used to provide additional thrust to aid the car on its airborne path through the hole in the wall. As the game gets more difficult the options on creating more challenging levels would be a moving hole and an AI NPC that tries to stop the car mid flight from going through the hole. If the car successfully gets through the hole points are given to the player.

The game could be not won but based on getting the highest score possible. This means that the game just gets harder and harder until the player dies or runs out of rocket cars from crashing into the wall.

1st class


  • Creating a Journal (Options)
  • Frequency of additions
  • Requirements percentages 10
  • You’re going to fail unless… you complete the blog and milestones with 40%

Milestone 1

  • Create storyboard with scenes from your game
  • Create UML Diagram
  • Mobile based
  • Record a video of the understanding of your learning (Programming language explored, analyse the platform you are using, pros and cons of the programming language)
  • Have good coding practice (Comments, indentation)
  • At least 3 display screens (accepts input, displays output and allows navigation to another screen)
  • Operating with not errors (Marks deducted for errors)

Milestone 2

  • Add stuff to the screen implementations of milestone 1, at least a login & local login.
  • Add Game logic and scoring, controllers that use Game Domain classes using SQLite
  • Record a video that introduces the platform and describes the strengths and weaknesses.

Milestone 3

  • Implement multiplayer gameplay, including a login system and showing other player’s positions, chat messages or other player details in the scene.
  • Implement interaction with a sensor such as tilt, camera, or microphone available by the mobile device
  • Documentation of the platform that introduces the background and strengths of it, showing that:
    • You understand the philosophy of the programming language that you use.
    • You understand the platform for developing and running software applications
    • You understand the strengths and weaknesses of the programming environment