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1st class


  • Creating a Journal (Options)
  • Frequency of additions
  • Requirements percentages 10
  • You’re going to fail unless… you complete the blog and milestones with 40%

Milestone 1

  • Create storyboard with scenes from your game
  • Create UML Diagram
  • Mobile based
  • Record a video of the understanding of your learning (Programming language explored, analyse the platform you are using, pros and cons of the programming language)
  • Have good coding practice (Comments, indentation)
  • At least 3 display screens (accepts input, displays output and allows navigation to another screen)
  • Operating with not errors (Marks deducted for errors)

Milestone 2

  • Add stuff to the screen implementations of milestone 1, at least a login & local login.
  • Add Game logic and scoring, controllers that use Game Domain classes using SQLite
  • Record a video that introduces the platform and describes the strengths and weaknesses.

Milestone 3

  • Implement multiplayer gameplay, including a login system and showing other player’s positions, chat messages or other player details in the scene.
  • Implement interaction with a sensor such as tilt, camera, or microphone available by the mobile device
  • Documentation of the platform that introduces the background and strengths of it, showing that:
    • You understand the philosophy of the programming language that you use.
    • You understand the platform for developing and running software applications
    • You understand the strengths and weaknesses of the programming environment

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